What to expect  

Prior to your departure please ensure you have read the International Student Handbook and Pre-departure Booklet.  

You will be sent an Orientation Programme prior to starting your study.

The programme will detail when you are required to be at school for this, what you need to bring with you and what to expect.  At Orientation, you will receive your Orientation Booklet. 

Orientation is fun and includes activities. You will meet teachers, other students, and your buddy (a senior student) who will help you familiarize yourself with our school campus and who along with the International Director and staff will help you over the next few weeks.

When you first arrive you may forget most of your English. This is normal. You may not understand what people are saying. Do not worry – this will improve. You could try to write things down or use an electronic translator. If people speak too quickly, politely ask them to slow down.

It is normal to feel tired for the first week or two of school. The climate and food are different, the customs are different, and for some international students, you may not be used to working all day in a new language. This may make you tired.  Do not worry about this. It will get better.

We wish you a happy and safe time in New Zealand and at St Patrick's College Silverstream. We hope you enjoy trying and seeing new things, making new friends, sharing information about you, your country and culture and learning more about New Zealand, its culture and people.