St Patrick's Silverstream Stationery Requirements

Stationery requirements

2024 Back to School 

See below for a full list of stationery requirements for Year 9 to 13 students.

This is the Back to School 2024 (live from 1 December) link to Quizzle to order stationery for 2024.

2024 Back to School Stationery 

The link to order your stationery through Quizzle will be posted below and be available from 1 December 2023.  This has stationery subject requirements pre-loaded for each year level for ease of ordering and lists compulsory items.  You are able to edit items and remove items you may already have or the non-compulsory items. 

1. Click on the link  for 2024 : (the link will be posted here from 1 December 2023).

2. In search enter ST PATRICK'S COLLEGE (SILVERSTREAM) and select for the school.

3. Select your year level for 2024.

4. Tick 'Compulsory' (compulsory items), then tick your subjects to display items for each subject.

5. Once you have checked your items, select 'Pack List', then 'Add to Cart'.

6. Follow the instructions to process your order through to completion.   

Stationery Lists for Year 9 to Year 13 below 

Our stationery lists are below should you prefer to purchase elsewhere.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

St Patrick’s Silverstream is a BYOD (bring your own device) school and students will be required to provide a production device such as a Laptop. A phone or tablet is not considered to be a learning device and Chromebooks are not suitable. Please see more resources and helpful links below: