Living at Stream

Life in Redwood House

Here in Redwood House we are proud to be the heart of Silverstream. Those who choose to live here as a boarder are an integral part of many areas of our College community.

We aim to encourage our boarders to:

  • Gain academic success. Boarders consistently perform better than the rest of the day school, regularly seeing a 90-100% pass rate and personal excellence being achieved across a range of areas. These academic achievements are largely put down to the supervised study every Monday to Thursday evening, ably supported by a range of teaching staff that are also a part of our supervision team.
  • Develop in their personal relationship with God as men of Faith. All boarders attend Sunday Mass as a spiritual start to the week, grounding Redwood House in prayer and unity. This is followed by a short prayer and reflection each weekday evening after dinner in our beautiful College chapel.
  • Be involved in a wide range of sports. Boarders have a proud heritage of being among the top representatives within both our top College teams, but have also tasted a large range of both domestic and international success in the sporting arena. Those who do not have the ability to make these teams are still given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. This allows all students to take full advantage of the opportunities that sports provide, including a sense of unity and personal success.
  • Be a Servant Leader. Boarding provides students at different age levels opportunities to lead, support, and guide others through many different activities. Servant leadership is centred around giving to others and working in the background, as modelled to us by Jesus himself. Through this model, we encourage our boarders to embody our College values of Faith, Unity, Support, Courage, and Humility. We are proud to say that boarders have a historical track record of being appointed as Head Boy or Deputy Head Boy.
  • Develop social skills. Living in a house full of up to 100 other boys requires the development of strong social skills, enabling them to connect and thrive among both older and younger students. Kindness, patience, humility, and humour are key messages that are encouraged in Redwood House.
  • Belong and build memories. Being a boarder is all about belonging to a place you can be proud of and forming life-long, meaningful friendships. Redwood House provides the opportunity for this to happen. Our senior students often find leaving Redwood House an emotional experience, and we are pleased to say that many return for future visits and share their successes with us.

Finally, Redwood House aims to be a home away from home. An environment where boarders are safe, happy, supported and enjoy being present in.

See below a day in the shoes of some of our recent boarders: