Redwood - Common Rooms

There are three common areas within Redwood House, separated for Junior and Senior use. All of these facilities feature a kitchenette for student use to prepare snacks in between meals, couches, TV’s, and upstairs includes pool tables and table tennis tables. These are popular areas for boarders to gather and socialise.

Weights Room

The weights rooms is state of the art and overlooks the rest of the Blake Centre. A full orientation programme is available for any boarders who wish to use the weights room, as this physical training is also a popular social time for many boarders.

Blake Centre courts

There are both indoor and outdoor basketball courts available, but from 8pm each evening the Blake Centre is reserved for boarders’ use. The courts here are of the highest standard and even used by the Wellington Saints at times, making them a highly sought after resource within the College.

Redwood - Pool

Our outdoor pool is a popular venue for boarders in the summer afternoons and evenings. A chance to cool off, socialise, and recover from sports training.

Music room.jpeg

For all budding musicians, the day school music rehearsal spaces are available for booking through the music department. These spaces can then be used after hours through discussion with on duty supervisors.


Our College chapel is a place of peaceful prayer and reflection, and is fully available to boarders after school hours. All of Redwood House gathers here each evening after dinner to pray together and stand together in our faith journeys.