Day Boys Lunch

Day Boys may join the boarding boys for lunch.  This is for Parents/guardians to decide at the end of each term.  A fee is set for each term and this must be paid in advance at the end of the last term for each Day Boy to attend lunch.   The fee is $7.00 per school day in the term (usually about $300 per term) but this does vary per term.

Please register by Friday 27 January 2023 if you wish your son to receive boarders lunch, email [email protected]
Full payment must be received no later than Friday 27 January 2023.
Day Boy Lunches for Term 1
$315 - available from 1 February


Please specify under payment details as follows:

  • Particulars:  Student name
  • Code: Student Number (5 digits)
  • Reference: Fees (or specific purpose)