Voluntary Donations


The following contributions and payments may be made on a voluntary basis by parents/guardians:

Activity Donation: $120.00 per term
The Activity donation is a voluntary contribution required to meet some of the costs of sports teams, equipment and travel, cultural activities, prize-giving expenses, Religious Education resources and programmes, and any other purpose that the Board of Trustees may specify and is not met by the Ministry of Education.

Heritage Donation: $127.50 per term
The Silverstream Board of Proprietor’s is responsible for ensuring the preservation of our Heritage in terms of buildings, land and plant so that the current and future generations of Streamers can enjoy.  This contribution helps provide financial assistance to upgrade facilities at the College.  

Proprietor’s Donation: $165.00 per term
This is a voluntary contribution relating to areas of the College used by all the students and which are not integrated e.g. some playing fields, the Chapel, squash courts, common rooms etc., and any other purposes and activities which the Board of Proprietors may specify. 

Old Boys’ Levy $30.00 per year
This voluntary levy is passed directly to the St Patrick’s College Old Boys Association and, if paid for five years, entitles your son to lifetime membership of the Association.


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