Sport Charges



Sport is an excellent way to encourage individual and team participation in a contestable environment.  It is, however, a challenge to manage the cost of participation and increasingly the College has had to pass on these costs to parents/guardians.  These costs include the cost of individualised team uniforms, hiring of facilities and the payment of registration fees to enable participation.   Additionally participation in National competitions involves the cost of travel and accommodation that requires parental/guardian funding.

Sport charges vary depending on the code and the level of participation by the student.  Where one student involved in one code could pay a team membership of around $40, another who is involved in a range of codes and disciplines would incur a much greater cost, including individualised uniform and attendance at National competitions. 

With sports there is generally greater contact with parents/guardians to advise the nature of participation and any costs they could anticipate as a consequence.  Opportunities exist in some codes for students to participate in specific fundraising activities which will bring down the cost of participation.  These opportunities will be clearly advised to students and parents/guardians.

Where costs do arise and the charge identified, parents/guardians can pay them through internet banking or direct to Reception at the College, and those who pay by regular automatic payment can allow the charges to be covered by those payments.  We seek to ensure each sport charge is individually shown on the account.


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