Charges and Contributions

Detailed statements are emailed to caregivers at the start of the year and the end of each term.  Billing is charged and sent in the first instance to the Primary Caregiver. Please advise the Finance Officer if billing is to be split between payers.


Payments can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS at the school office or by way of internet banking or an automatic payment to the following account:



Please specify under payment details as follows:

Particulars:  Student name  Code: Student Number (5 digits)   Reference: Fees (or specific purpose)


Unless otherwise specified in the payment details, payments will be applied in the following order of priority:


Boarding Fees:  Due one week prior to the start of each term, unless an alternative payment plan has been approved by the Director of Finance & Property.  Boarding fees for 2021 are $3,510 per term ($14,040 per year).

There is a once-only administration fee of $150 when students first enter the Boarding school which covers the initial costs of linen, dining utensils etc. 

Where medical expenses or other costs are incurred on behalf of the student, these will be passed onto the parent/guardian for reimbursement to the College.

Damage or Loss of School Property:   Damage to or losses by students of school property including buildings and furnishings, books and equipment and inappropriate activation of fire alarms will be charged.


Day Boy Lunches:  Day Boys may join the boarding boys for lunch.  This is for Parents/guardians to decide at the end of each term.  A fee is set for each term and this must be paid in advance at the end of the previous term for each Day Boy to attend lunch.   The fee is $6.50 per school day in the term (usually about $300 per term) but this does vary per term.

Please register by Friday 15 October if you wish your son to receive boarders lunch, email
Payment in full must be received no later than Friday 15 October

Day Boy Lunches for Term 4 (BOP) YR13 to 29 Oct $58.50
Day Boy Lunches for Term 4 (BOP) YR11 & 12 to 12 Nov $123.50
Day Boy Lunches for Term 4 (BOP) YR9/10 $247.00


Voluntary Purchases:  These fees are payable where students have chosen to participate in optional activities or purchase optional resources/materials.  This includes music lessons, Blue & White magazine, extra- curricular activities (eg. junior dances, senior ball, graduation supper, Duke of Edinburgh award), Chromebook hire, optional workbooks, optional school trips.  


Sport Fees:  Sport at the College is a self-funding extra-curricular activity and therefore sport fees must be paid to enable a student to participate.  The College operates a “no pay, no play” policy with regards to sport. Sport fees vary depending on the code and the level of participation by the student.  The fees include the cost of team uniforms, hiring of facilities and the payment of third party registration fees. Additionally, participation in National competitions involves the cost of travel and accommodation that requires parental/guardian funding.    College aims to keep the cost to participants as low as possible through team fundraising and securing sponsorship and charitable grants.


ID Card & Whole of School Travel:  The ID card is used to access printers at school and can be used for reduced travel fares and other student discounts.

The Whole of School Travel charge covers the cost when the whole school travels to the McEvedy Shield and other traditional sporting fixtures.


Contributions:  The College requests contributions to enable us to both deliver the curriculum and provide additional facilities over and above our operational funding. Contributions are sought for individual subjects as well as the Activity, Heritage and Proprietors Contributions. These contributions are tax deductible and tax receipts are issued in April of each year.


Old Boys’ Levy:  This levy is passed directly to the St Patrick’s College Old Boys Association and, if paid for five years, entitles your son to lifetime membership of the Association.



Attendance Dues

Attendance dues are set by the Archdiocese of Wellington.  St Patrick's College has no involvement with their setting and collection but does have a role to assist where there is financial hardship incurred by parents/guardians.

Attendance Dues for 2021 are $1,092.50 (incl. GST) per year

Further information on Attendance Dues can be found here: Attendance Dues Form.pdf

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding your son’s account please contact:


Finance Officer - Mrs Rebecca Wagstaff,  or  04-527-1357

























The following tax deductible contributions can be made by caregivers:


Activity Contribution: $490.00 per year

The Activity contribution is a contribution to assist in meeting some of the costs of sports grounds, facilities and resources, cultural activities, prize-giving expenses, Religious Education resources and programmes, and any other purpose that the Board of Trustees may specify and is not met by the Ministry of Education.

Heritage Contribution: $520.00 per year
This contribution assists the Silverstream Board of Proprietor’s in ensuring the preservation of our Heritage in terms of buildings, land and equipment for current and future generations of Streamers to use and enjoy

Proprietor’s Contribution: $660.00 per year

This contribution allows us to retain areas of the College used by all the students and which are over and above the Ministry of Education entitlement e.g. the chapel, auditorium, squash courts, pavilion, old gym, common rooms etc., and any other purposes and activities which the Board of Proprietors may specify. 


Course Contributions: Varies

These contributions enable us to deliver the curriculum over and above our operational funding.  The amounts for each subject are itemised and help to cover compulsory workbooks and other resources which the students may keep or use at home. View the schedule of course contributions here [insert link].



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