Boarding Charge


  Fees and Charges              


 Per Term           


   Boarding charges if applicable                       $14,040 $3,510 $1,170
   Admission Fee (once only)  $150    
   Medical and Breakage Costs  Actual as Invoiced    


Prices are subject to change

The boarding facility operated by the College involves the following fees and costs:

Admission Fee $150.00
This is an once-only fee is charged that covers the initial costs of linen, dining utensils etc. 

Accommodation Fee $3,510.00 per term
This is the charge covering the provision of accommodation, meals, laundry and other costs associated with the boy staying within the boarding facility.

Recoverable Charges
Where medical expenses or other costs are incurred on behalf of the student, these will be passed on to the parent/guardian for reimbursement to the College.

Pocket Money 
Parents are advised to leave sufficient money at the College Boarding Office for Year 9 students and in a bank account for other Year levels. We suggest that a Year 9 student will require approximately $50 per term.   Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) facilities are available in the Silverstream shopping centre. 


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