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Below are a list of staff contacts - you can use the email buttons to email them - or call the office number and dial the extension to phone them.

You can send an email to the main school office on the Contact page

Office Phone: 04 939 4224 


Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
Office School Office +64 4 939 4224
Absentee Contact Student Absentees +64 4 939 4224
Enrolment Enquiries Enrolment Enquiries +64 4 939 4224
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
College Rector Mr Grahame Duffy PA 729
Deputy Rector Teaching and Learning Mrs Katie Rawles 723
Assistant Rector Pastoral Mr Mike Savali 722
Assistant Rector Curriculum Mr Martin Burrows 722
Director Property and Finance Mr Daryl Stewart 753
Facilities Manager Mr Trevor Bushby 758
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
Dean of Yr 13 / Teacher - English Mr Sam Dean
Dean of Year 12 / Assistant HOD Science Mr Reuben Pivac
Dean of Year 11 / Teacher - English Mr Dan Sales
Dean of Year 10 / Teacher - Maths Ms Jane Nolan
Dean of Year 9 / HOD Art Mr Blair Hungerford
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
Director of Boarding Mr Saul Treadwell 705
Digital Technologies Mr Edward Petersen 761
English Mr Simon Fordyce 776
Languages Mrs Anne Whiteford
Learning Support Mr Andrew Watterson 779
Mathematics Mr Hugh Steel 733
Commerce Mr David Bowles
Music Mr Andrew Stopps
Physical Education Mr Scott Leggett 766
Food and Nutrition Mrs Nicola Potts 773
Religious Education Mr Jonny Greaney
Geography Mr Darryn Tinney
Technology Ms Belinda Curran 767
Arts Mr Blair Hungerford
Science Mr Peter Hicks
Director of Sports Mr Warrick Bowden 784
Transition and Careers Ms Ann Bateman 740
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
Religious Education Mr Peter Woods
Drama/English Miss Shelley Watson
Physical Education Mr Rob Tungatt
Physics/Science Ms Paula Townsend
Science Ms Isabella Thompson
English, Maths, Communication Ms Linda Reeves
The Arts Ms Jo Thapa
Mathematics Mr Eric Ramsteijn
Mathematics Mrs Kirstin Stern
PE/Health Mrs Nicola Potts
Mathematics Mr Tony O'Connor
Mathematics Ms Jane Nolan
Science Miss Stephanie Miles
English Mrs Kate Lyde
Science Mr Charlie Lloyd
PE/Health Mr Carlin Linklater
English/Social Sciences Mrs Adrienne Heath
Science Mr Graeme Hydes
Religious Education Mr Kevin Havell
Technology Mr Patrick Hallot
Religious Education Mr Chris Fouhy
English Mr Pete Dowden
PE/Health Mr Geoff Charles
English Ms Tess Cattermole
Science Dr Liliana Cartwright
Social Sciences Mr Zane Birkett
Religious Education Mr Liko Alosio
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
English - Religious Education / Counsellor Mr Chris Fouhy 746
Guidance Counsellor / PE / Health Mr Geoff Charles 745
Job Title Title First Name Surname Phone Ext Email
Receptionist Ms Shivonne Willcocks 700
College Priest Fr John Walls 731
Finance Officer Mrs Rebecca Wagstaff 757
Boarding Supervisor Ms Glenda Pope 703
Uniform Shop Mrs Chandris Grantham 755
Gateway/Careers Coordinator Mrs Diane Kurton 741
Sports Office Administrator Ms Lynette Kurth 716
Office Manager Mrs Chrissy Fage 751
Librarian Mrs Cindy du Toit 756
Office Assistant Mrs Wendy Daals 752
Learning Support Ms Jo Cowie 770
Rectors Personal Assistant, Registrar Mrs Dawn Clark 729
Learning Support Ms Sue Carpenter 770
Learning Support Mrs Susannah Byrne 770
Learning Support Ms Tracy Bull 770
Learning Support Ms Sian Atkins 770
Finance Assistant Mrs Chandris Grantham
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