The students and staff of this College believe:

  • The team comes first. Hard but fair play at all times. Every team has a purpose.
  • Success is measured by the use we make of our God-given talents.
  • Our Catholic faith, lived in a Marist way, is core to our goals.
  • Respect is given to coaches, managers and ground staff.
  • Today we represent with pride all ‘Streamers past and present'.
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Sport policy

  1. The school Sports Policy states that all Year 9 and Year 10 pupils will participate in a sport and is strongly encouraged for Senior Students. Students must play for a college based team if the College offers that sport as part of the extra curriculum programme.
  2. Students who play Football have the option to remain with their club at U14 level, however they must play for the College at U15 level and Senior teams.
  3. College sports fixtures have precedence over any other fixtures. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Sport.
  4. Dress for all sports fixtures is College formal uniform, sports uniform or College tracksuit when travelling to and from a match. Your coach will inform you of the dress standard for each particular fixture.
  5. Correct sports uniform must be worn when representing the College.
  6. Alcohol or smoking is not permitted at any School sports fixture.
  7. Inappropriate language is unacceptable both on and off the field.
  8. Students representing the College in sport must at all times uphold the traditions and integrity of the College.
  9. All students are required to attend regular College practices.
  10. Sportsmanship must be upheld at all times and any disciplinary matters will be referred to the Assistant Rector, Pastoral.
  11. Players are not permitted to change teams or play for another team without first seeking permission from their respective code convenor.
  12. All players must be enrolled members of the College.