We are delighted you have made the decision to choose St Patrick’s Silverstream.

Please read on for further information on how to enrol. All enrolments will be completed online. St Patrick's College Silverstream accepts students from 9 - 13. Enrolments are welcome throughout the year for Years 10 - 13.

Term dates 2023

  • Term 1: Wednesday 25 January to Thursday 6 April
  • Term 2: Monday 24 April to Friday 30 June
  • Term 3: Monday 17 July to Friday 22 September
  • Term 4: Monday 9 October to Wednesday 6 December

Key dates for 2023

Boarding School Open Evening | Thursday 20 April
5.00pm to 8.00pm at Redwood House

Thursday 18 May 2023
Presentation times: 9.00am to 10.30am or 1.00pm to 2.30pm in the College Chapel
Parents, Caregivers, and Students all attend.
(Please note: you do not need to register for these times)

Try Boarding - Monday 22 May | Tuesday 23 May | Thursday 25 May
Try Boarding - Tuesday 6 June | Wednesday 7 June | Thursday 8 June
To secure a place please contact the Director of Boarding: [email protected]

Friday 30 June 2023
Closing date for 2024 Enrolments

Friday 11 August 2023
2024 Enrolment acceptance letters sent

Friday 25 August 2023
All offers of enrolment for 2024 must be confirmed

School Calendar


The College is intended primarily for Catholic boys from Years 9 - 13. In terms of the Integration Agreement signed between the College and the Crown, a certain percentage of the total roll must consist of “Preference” pupils. Normally, a “Preference” pupil will be a baptised Catholic.

If you are in doubt as to whether your son qualifies as a “Preference” pupil please consult Dawn Clark. Those who apply for a place as a “Preference” pupil should submit a Preference Certificate with their Application.

A small percentage of the total roll may be “Non-Preference” pupils. Places are given to such pupils on the basis of availability. “Non-Preference” pupils are expected to take a full part in all aspects of College life and have the same opportunities and responsibilities as the “Preference” pupils.

The Criteria Promulgated by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference, which are to be used by Proprietors and their Agents, in order to Grant Preference of Enrolment are:

5.1. The child has been baptised or is being prepared for baptism in the Catholic Church

5.2. The child’s parents/guardians have already allowed one or more of its siblings to be baptised in the Catholic faith.

5.3. At least one parent/guardian is a Catholic, and although their child has not yet been baptised, the child’s participation in the life of the school could lead to the parents having the child baptised.

5.4. With the agreement of the child’s parent/guardian, a significant familial adult such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle who is actively involved in the child’s upbringing undertakes to support the child’s formation in the faith and practices of the Catholic Church.

5.5. One or both of a child’s non-Catholic parents/guardians is preparing to become a Catholic.


Academic Scholarships are available to all preference students who have accepted a place for entry in Year 9 are invited to sit a Scholarship Examination for either boarding or day scholarships. For more information on Scholarships please contact Mrs Dawn Clark Enrolments Officer at [email protected].

Boarding Enrolments

What a task it is to form a man. How difficult is it. How much patience is required. But is there anything greater?
Fr Jean-Claude Colin, Founder of the Society of Mary

When a family decides to send their son boarding they join an exclusive community within St Patrick's College. With guidance and clear boundaries from the boarding school staff we aim to foster an inclusive and safe environment. With support and tuition we encourage boys to reach their academic potential and strive for excellence.

Redwood House is more than a physical space. Lifelong friendships are born, a solid work ethic is nurtured, teamwork is fostered and leadership is promoted.

We want boarders of Redwood House to leave prepared for the challenges of the real world and to look back at their experience at school with fondness.

The role of parents and families remain central to a student’s development and we actively encourage families to visit and participate in the sporting, cultural and spiritual activities of our boarding students which are integral to the special character of St Patrick's College Silverstream.

Boarding in Redwood House allows flexibility for families. Boys can stay in throughout the school week or for the entire week/weekend. A variety of Boarding Scholarships are also available so please enquire about these.

For further information and enquiries contact:

Mr Sam Dean
Director of Boarding
[email protected]
021 024 38665

“Try Boarding evenings” are available. This is free of charge and it is an opportunity for boys to familiarise themselves with the Boarding School and to meet other prospective boarders.