Medical Information

Medical Agreement Form: Please contact School office for more information and a form to be signed.

In the case of regular administration of some medicines, eg asthma, the student may be independent and able to manage their own medicine administration. You need to notify us in writing if that is the case.

For other medication the school will take every care to ensure the student receives the prescribed medicine. However we cannot guarantee that this will happen and will not accept responsibility for doses missed or wrongly administered.

It is not always convenient or possible for classroom teachers to administer medicine so this task will be completed by a nominated administration staff member or teacher aide.

Medicine must be sent to school in the original container with the pharmacy name, medication, dosage frequency details at the school.

A record will be kept of all doses administered at the school.

Any changes in dosage or frequency must be notified to the school in writing.

The school reserves the right to decline or discontinue administering medicine to any student at any time. Parents will be advised first in the likelihood of this decision being made.