Daily Notices

Monday 23 September 2019

Notices Staff
All Courses for College Students CF
After the success of our Term 2 holiday LEARNER LICENCE course in Porirua we are now offering it in Upper Hutt in the second week of the Term 3 break.
This LEARNER LICENCE class is for students aged 16 years and older.
We are looking forward to contributing to the future of licenced and safe driving in Upper Hutt
The class will run:
Monday 7th Oct 9:30am - 3pm
Tuesday 8th Oct 9:30am - 3pm                                                                                                                       
Wednesday 9th Oct 9:30am - 3pm                                                                                                                    
Thursday 10th Oct 9:30am – 3pm
Venue: ANSA House, First Floor, 5 Geange St, Upper Hutt. (formerly Read Write Plus)
Ph: 0800 7323 464

All FORMAL Uniform Tuesday & Thursday this week CF
  Tuesday - Assembly in Chapel
Thursday - Sports & Cultural Photos

All Gateway 2020 CF
  Students interested in Gateway next year, application forms are available now in the Careers office.
They are due in by the end of this term, Friday 27 September.

All Sports & Cultural Photos CF
  Thursday 26 September in College Auditorium
FORMAL Uniform
See Roster for Sports Gear to bring.

All Study Smarter CF
  Reminder: 2 for 1 deal still valid. Techniques for Studying SMARTER, Not Harder
Where: College Gym Classrooms
When: Monday 30 September (first day of school holidays)
Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm
Investment: $149 per person PLUS you can bring a friend for
FREE... PLUS book your place and you will receive a 27 Study Tips For Success Mini Poster FREE...
Please send your completed form to:
Spectrum Education, PO Box 30 818 Lower Hutt or
Phone 0800 37 33 77 or +64 4 5289969
Email: info@spectrumeducation.com

Year 9 Runners Today SW
  William Dearsley 9NP
Lance Godinez-Oliveros 9NP
Felix Hall 9NP