As part of our reporting system, we have Weekly Notes. The purpose of these is to encourage and support positive work habits through regular tracking of learning behaviours. Each week grades are awarded to students in each of their timetabled classes. This grade is based on a ‘best-fit’ for the week.

Students will be awarded a grade from 1-4 based on the criteria:

  1. I have excellent work habits - I am a self-motivated, independent and active learner who contributes effectively as an individual and in group work situations.
  2. I have good work habits - I show some enthusiasm and initiative and am generally an independent learner who makes good decisions about my own learning.
  3. I have fair work habits - I could show some more enthusiasm, be less distracted from tasks and more engaged in my learning.
  4. I have challenges with my work habits - I need to develop strategies to avoid distractions that hinder both engagement and effort in my learning.

Weekly Notes, along with attendance data, will be available via the Parent Portal on the following Tuesday of each week. Weekly notes are designed to support you, as parents and caregivers, to have regular discussions with your sons about their work habits and progress.



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