The grade awarded to a student is based on ‘best-fit’ for the week in question. Weekly notes cover a five day time slot, from Monday to Friday. Weekly Notes are available via the Parent Portal on Tuesday each week.

 Criteria for Weekly Notes 

1.  I have excellent work habits - I am self motivated and diligent; I promote learning in the classroom and assist others; My work shows evidence of extra effort (research, additional reading on the topic etc.)  

2.  I have good working habits - I show initiative in being ready for work; I listen attentively to the teacher and other students; I contribute positively to the class; I complete all my work to a very good standard

3.  I am developing good working habits - Learning is something done to me rather than me taking responsibility for it; I have all my gear; I don't disturb the learning of others; I generally get on with my work

4.  I find working difficult - I have been spoken to about my behaviour/focus/effort; Occasionally I did not have all my gear/equipment for work; I find it difficult to say on task and get my work done 

5.  Working is too hard - I have been spoken to frequently about my behaviour/focus/effort; I do not have the required gear/equipment for work; I often disrupt the learning of others My work is incomplete.

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