Subjects and Charges


On average subject charges amount to about $300 - $400 per student in total for the year, excluding any specific activity (eg field trips, music tuition) or technical project costs.    Generally these charges are annual charges but some are made on a term or semester basis (eg music, sports institute).

While many subject charges apply to all attending that subject, there are times when the students may have the opportunity to gain experience /exposure to matters studied in their subjects. This could range from attending specific drama/cultural events to participating in travel overseas. These specific activities are supplementary and require the financial support of parents/guardians.

We seek to ensure each subject charge is individually shown on the account and that it has been confirmed to the subject attendance roll.  This care is particularly taken where students have selected specific options that mean they study in composite classes.

Other charges involve:

- ‘Whole of school’ charges such as school ID cards, special character, and travel.  The latter arising where the entire school travels to specific events.

- Charges for participation in Duke of Edinburgh activity, participation in O’Shea and Shakespeare competitions

- Day Boy lunches available through the College.  Day Boys may join the Boarding Boys for lunch.  This is for Parents/guardians to decide at the beginning of each term.  A fee is set for each term and this must be paid in advance at the beginning of each term for each Day Boy to attend lunch.   The term fee is $5 per school day in the term (usually about $250) but this does vary per term. 


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