Public Speaking and Speech & Drama Years 9-13

Tutor: Elisabeth Minards-Black

Speech and Drama lessons: All ages, group and individual lessons in
drama, public speaking and general speech quality. Trinity College
London exam tutoring and competition entry available on request.

Email for more information.   


The aim of speech classes is to give students the ability to express themselves with clarity, confidence and courtesy. The skills covered are vocal development, drama, reading aloud, poetry speaking, prepared and impromptu speeches, improvisation, literature appreciation and interview skills. These are valuable skills which develop student’s confidence and give them sound oral skills for their future career paths. Students may begin classes at any year level. The programme covers preparation for the Speech NZ examinations in which students work is assessed against a national standard. Classes take place on a rotating timetable during the school day once a week. Years 12 and 13 may learn before or after school or during morning break, if they wish. Lesson duration is 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Class sizes vary from 2 – 4 per class.


PLEASE NOTE: Returning students need to sign a form.

The course is a full years programme of four terms. If a student wishes to withdraw a terms notice in writing to the teacher would be appreciated.

These are sent out at the beginning of each term and are payable directly to the teacher. They are due 14 days from the date of invoice. If payment is not made within the period the client will be liable for all cost of recovery and collection fees.


$16.00 - 30 minute lesson.
$22.00 - 45 minute lesson.




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