Coming Up

Monday 24 February
Tuesday 25 February 
Level 2 Health & Safety GTW all day
Wednesday 26 February - Ash Wednesday Liturgy at Ranks (NOT formal)
Level 3 Health & Safety GTW all day
CSW Touch Senior @ Fraser Park
Becoming a Streamer Parent in Dining Hall @ 7.00pm 

Thursday 27 February 
PHT L2 & 3 ART trip to Massey Uni Wgtn (32 students) 1/2 day
1st Xl, 2nd Xl, Y9A & Y10A Cricket v PHBHS @ PHBHS departure 7.00am
Friday 28 February 

Term 1 and Term 4 - SUMMER UNIFORM

Blue Polo Shirt
School Shorts
School Jersey
School Socks
Black School Shoes (with a heel)
Brown Sandals

Term 2 and Term 3 - WINTER UNIFORM
White long sleeved Shirt
School Tie
School Socks
School Trousers 
School Shorts 



School Blazer
White long sleeved Shirt
School Tie
School Socks
School Trousers (Years 11-13 only)
School Shorts (Years 9 & 10 only)

Shoes Black leather dress shoes with regulation College socks
Sandals  OR Brown leather sandals that have not been deliberately altered (no jandals,
sports shoes or slides to be worn unless permission given by Dean or Assistant  Rector Pastoral)

Uniform Shop Hours (term time only)

Wednesday 8am - 9.30am
Thursday 12.30pm - 1.30pm


Day Boy Lunches:  Day Boys may join the boarding boys for lunch.  This is for Parents/guardians to decide at the end of each term.  A fee is set for each term and this must be paid in advance at the end of the previous term for each Day Boy to attend lunch.   The fee is $6 per school day in the term (usually about $300 per term) but this does vary per term.
 Cash/Cheque to Reception. Internet Banking, use your son's name and 'lunch' as a reference.

2020 Prices

Term 1 - $294 from Thursday 30 January 2020 only
Term 2 - $282
Term 3 - $288
Term 4 - tba


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