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DERIVED GRADE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE - WEEK 10 2021. Please click on the link below

Revised Derived Grade Examination Timetable 2021.pdf

Derived grade exam protocols 2021.pptx.pdf



Master Plan for Online Learning information for Parents

Parent version of Plan for Distance Learning 2021.pdf



Whanau and NCEA 2021 resources:
To support parents and whanau through the NCEA changes introduced this year, 2021-
focused NCEA whanau specific resources have been made available to ensure our school and
kura parent and whanau community are well supported. Whanau tailored resources include:
• 2021 Guide to NCEA - A tailored resource with relevant information and accessible
tools to support parents and whanau to navigate how to best support their child through
NCEA 2021 and beyond.
• Information guide for parents/whanau- A guide to support foundational understanding
of NCEA to help parents/whanau have meaningful conversations with their child or
child’s school on NCEA.
• Conversation guide for akonga - A guide to support and empower akonga to take
control of their NCEA journey.
We have developed an NCEA Factsheet and vox-pops (short videos) sharing different
students’, parents’ and whanau journeys in NCEA. These can be found on

Whanau Toolkit Phase 1 - School_Kura

Whanau Toolkit Phase 1 -Parents-Whanau-akonga


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