Billing to Payers


Billing to parents/guardians is on a ‘per-item’ basis, identifying what is being charged and is linked to a specific subject, sport or purpose.  Billing is sent in the first instance to the Primary Caregiver.  Where this should not be the case, please advise the Main Office where and to whom billing is to be sent and the appropriate share if split between payers.  Postal and email addresses must be provided.

Payments are applied in priority to past debt, current subject and boarding fees, sport fees and lastly voluntary donations.  Adjustments between charges may be made in later periods to maintain this priority.

An automatic payment can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The amount paid should be sufficient to cover the annual billing- ie: an amount sufficient to cover the boarding, subject and sports charges as well as the donations if paying.  

Mail payments are received in the Main Office.  All direct payments by cash or cheque must be made to Reception and not handed to any teacher or other student.  Reception has EFTPOS facilities available.

There are some charges (eg Day Boy lunches on a term basis and some sport charges) that must be paid for in advance and cannot be paid for through an automatic payment basis.  Where these exist specific advice will come from the College and payment should made through internet banking, by mail or direct to Reception at the College.

Where possible, all charges made by the College will be presented on the bill, including those paid in advance.

Parents/Guardians are able to monitor their progress of payment of charges and donations through the school portal to their students account, accessible through this website.  The necessary login and initial password are available from the Main Office at the College.


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