Attendance Dues


Attendance dues are set by the Archdiocese of Wellington.  St Patricks College has NO involvement with their setting and collection but does have a role to assist where there is financial hardship incurred by parents/guardians.

Attendance Dues for 2021 will be approximately $1,092.00 (incl. GST) 2021 Attendance Dues Flyer.pdf

Dues must be paid to the Archdiocese of Wellington by all parents/guardians who send their child/ren to Catholic Schools. They are invoiced by the Archdiocese separately from the College.  

Parents/guardians are given a number of options by the Archdiocese as to how and when to pay them. 

If you have financial hardship: 
The policy of the Archdiocese is that all Catholic children should have ready access to Catholic Education. No one should be denied this right because of financial reasons. Families who cannot afford the dues should contact their Parish Priest or College Principal for help. 

What the Archdiocese does with the money: 
The School Proprietors have the responsibility of maintaining and improving the special character of Catholic Schools. In addition there are costs of land for new schools, new classrooms for schools with growing rolls, trying to keep smaller classes, facilities for disabled and mainstream students, and ongoing development in Technology and Communications. 

What costs are increasing for the Archdiocese? 
There are rising costs in many areas, including higher interest rates for school loans, new costs in meeting various Government Acts and Local Body Bylaws, interest on loans for security systems put into schools over the past few years, and overall higher charges of administration.

Increases in the Future
The attendance dues will move with actual costs to ensure that the Archdiocese is able to provide for the continued development of Catholic education facilities in the 21st Century.

Attendance Dues Form


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